Teresa de Wit RGN,BSc POD Med, SRCH


Treatment of spider/ thread veins for the face from £150


firefox As seen on ITV's 'This Morning'. Veinwave™ is the most effective treatment for spider/ thread veins of the face, nasal veins, vascular blemishes, red spot and rosacea. Veinwave™ is a relavtively new treatment for thread/ spider veins of the face having been designed by vascular surgeon Mr B. Newman MD. FRCS. Treatments from £150.00

Veinwave - thermo coagulation for red veins

The most effective treatment available for red veins. Thermo coagulation is based on a high frequency wave producing a thermal lesion with protection of the skin. Veinwave can be applied to any skin complexion because it does not cause loss pf pigmentation. It treats red spots and all spider veins on the face and especially nasal veins. Veinwave can be used equally well on men.Veinwave

  • Instant results
  • No bruising
  • Relatively painless
  • No bandaging
  • No side effects
  • Simple and affordable

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