Teresa de Wit RGN,BSc POD Med, SRCH

Skintech Peels

Chemical peels by Skin - Tech from 95


Skintech productsEasy TCA peels can be used to treat Acne, Sun Damage, Hperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles, all the signs
of ageing that can occur on the face, hands and décolletage.

The Easy TCA is a highly effective medium depth peel.
It is applied in four weekly sessions allowing the individual
to carry on life as normal.

This peel can only be applied by a medically trained professional and is the safest and effective chemical peel available. The peel package price consists of 1 peel application per week for four weeks and includes the recommended prescribed Skin-Tech creams to be used in conjunction with the peels.

The Easy Phytic Peel is a slow- release superficial peelespecially designed to avoid visible flaking. Easy phytic peels will exfoliate dead skin cells, smooth and reduce open pores, even out the complexion and has a marked tightening effect. It is an excellent pick me up treatment and will bring a freshness and vibrancy to your complexion. Chemical peels by Skin - Tech from 95.00


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